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Yoga and Relaxation

Among the oldest self-awareness practices, its origins are lost in the mists of time. Go inside yourself and discover, beyond the noise of thoughts, the turmoil of emotions and the tensions of the body, an uncontaminated place, where peace and silence reign.

Get to know your body and discover a new dimension of sensitivity and management of your energies. Overcome your limits and find, within yourself, that place of power, in which you know you can welcome any test, any opportunity, life wants to offer you.

A spiritual practice used as an alternative form of therapy to treat certain physical, emotional, and mental symptoms.
Born in distant Japan about two centuries ago, it is based on the channeling of energy.

If you simply want to relax, in addition to self-awareness practices, you can enjoy long moments of relaxation thanks to the practice of relaxing massage, which will regenerate and restore your body and mind, to give you a perfect spiritual holiday.

The Homestead offers a careful selection of activities for your well-being and the care of your inner world. Immerse yourself in the silence and natural places of the Homestead and regenerate yourself completely through practices and pathways of self-awareness specially designed by us and our trainers to give you a perfect spiritual vacation.
The offer of the Household
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