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Casato Calabrese, with a view to offering you a holiday of absolute relaxation and tranquility, has decided to activate the Horse Boarding service in Salento. Completely new, equipped with all comforts and the latest technologies, with large paddocks and welcoming boxes, combined with efficient organization, the competence of the stable staff and the careful choice of feeding programs, they guarantee a high level of well-being for the horses in pension. The service can be customized according to the specific needs of the owner: boxes for horses with allergies are also available. Furthermore, the Casato Calabrese will organize horseback riding during the season, as well as riding lessons for all guests who wish. The Casato Calabrese horse boarding house is the most advanced in Salento. From today you have a special place to enjoy your holidays with your horse, discovering the beauties of the Salento countryside thanks to our carefully designed itineraries designed for our friends.

The Casato Calabrese organizes splendid horseback rides in the splendid Salento countryside. You will learn the noble art of American horseback riding and you will realize that it is simpler than it may seem.

American horse riding differs from English horse riding in the use of American-style harnesses and saddles, characterized by a bow and pommel, it is the riding of “cowboys”. American riding is possible with any type of horse.

The itinerary followed for our walks embraces the entire Santa Caterina area, up to the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park and the Palude del Capitano. All immersed in the splendid Salento countryside and the variety of Mediterranean scrub.

The offer of the Household
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